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Since the early days, in 1954, Normax has always been the major Portuguese manufacturer of volumetric glassware.
In the 90’s, Normax created an independent laboratory – Normalab- answering to the market’s needs for calibration of the volumetric glassware manufactured by the company.
The scope of activity was, by the end of the 90’s, completed with calibration and repair of micropipettes, dispensers, digital burettes and titrators,  after a series of agreements with the major European  manufacturers.
The growth in the activity of Normalab led to the accreditation for the calibration of volumetric instruments in May, 2000.

“Calibration Laboratory with accreditation IPAC nr. M0056”
(accreditation certificate pdf) and (annex to accreditation certificate)

Other services and information available:
- Technical Support
- Main brands of instruments calibrated / repaired
- Specialized Service
- Certificates and Reports available in the "Customer Area"


Institutional cooperation:
Standardization technical committees
Specialized technical committees.


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