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Although its set up date is the January, 2nd 1975, Normax - Fábrica de Vidros Científicos limitada had a wide range of products already introduced in the market since the early sixties. In fact, Normax became the natural successor of an existing small company also dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of products for Health, Education, Research, Control and Industry purposes.

Presently with a total of 98 collaborators, Normax controls a wide variety of technologies for glass tubing and glass sheet processing, as well as different melted glass production techniques. Therefore, Normax is, currently, able to suitably cope with the customers' demands by using either its automatic production lines or its manual production skills.

Additionally, as far as the Portuguese territory is concerned, Normax is proudly representing some worldwide prestige brands that rely on us and on our sales force to promote and introduce their products throughout the country in the most capable way, completing our range and reinforcing our position as market leaders. Also, we can gladly say that our glassware is in fact equipping various laboratories all through the world due to our already long experience in exporting to the 5 continents.


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