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Apparatus for detection of Trichinella by digestion

Apparatus for detection of Trichinella by digestion

Digital magnetic stirrer with heating Normax
Separating funnel conical shape 2000 ml with PTFE key
Separating funnel cylindrical shape grad., PTFE key 50 ml
Retort stand, 160x250 mm, Rod stainless steel 600x10 mm
Open ring bosshead support galvanised steel 100 mm
Swivel clamp with double PVC lined jaws. For Ø from 12 to 45 mm
Cylindrical stirring bar 8x40 mm
Stirring glass rod 6x250 mm
Sieves Stainless steel 100x52 mm, 180 µm
Beaker low form boro 3.3 glass, 3000 ml
Measuring cylinder blue printing class A Normax 25 ml
Graduated pipette, total delivery, blue printing, zero at the top,  class A, Normax, divis. 0,1 ml, cap. 25 ml
Pipette pump up to 25 ml red 
Contact plate Rodac aseptic
Hydrochloric Acid, Solution 25%, Reagent Grade, 2,5 Lt
Pepsin NF 1: 10,000 1000g


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